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SPECTRUMA Analytik GmbH is operating since 1982 in the field of high-tech analysis equipment production. Our innovative and future-oriented team has over 20 years of experience in development, production and service in glow-discharge spectrometry. We are specialized in development of systems and equipment tuned to demanding industrial requirements. More...

GDA Alpha

Our new high performance table top spectrometer.

GDA 750 HR / GDA 550 HR

Ultimate Performance. The best instruments in their class with endless possibilities.

GDA 650 HR / GDA 150 HR

Flexibility and easy expandability was the goal of this series. Of course, with outstanding analytical capabilities.

WinGDOES Software

The gold standard, when it comes to the collection and analysis of analytical data.

Contract analysis

Elemental analysis of solids with respect to their composition

Save your budget and let analyze your samples in our lab. Almost any solid material can be analyzed, whether metallic or non-metallic. Flexible pricing plans for many tasks are available. More

Useful extensions

Perfect instrument options for your existing spectrometer.

Over time, your demands have increased? No problem. We offer the perfect extension for your spectrometer system for many tasks. Whether you need a flexible element channel via monochromator, an additional CCD - optic or an automatic sample feeder, we have the right extension for your system. We are happy to help. Show options

GDOES-Spectrometer are of interest for us...

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